What is “Aenamus”?

Imagine an emotion comprised of frustration, incredulity, anger, and helplessness infused with a burning desire to correct those things which elicit and stir this powerful feeling.  That is Aenamus.

It’s how you might feel when you hear about the Catholic Church hiding and protecting religious men they know to be pedophiles.  Or when you hear a story about people torturing animals, yet for some reason they’re never brought to justice.  Politicians caught accepting bribes from lobbyists or special interests who never serve a day of jail time.  Or a news station that blatantly lies, but somehow manages to maintain high ratings. The feeling of being one of the masses who shoulders the weight of these injustices, but can do nothing except watch the circus play out from the sidelines.  That is Aenamus.

In “Aenamus: Silent Blood” a small group of people known as the Aenamaia decide to do something about it.

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