Aenamus: Silent Blood, the debut novel from T.R. Maxus, centers on a dedicated group known as The Aenamaia.  The group’s leader, Gray, has spent the last decade carefully assembling his team and quietly preparing to take action.  Each member shares a similar conviction about the apathetic and corrupt state of the world.  Their incredulity and frustration regarding the rampant injustices of the parasitic, corrupt public figures whose transgressions fuel so many of society’s problems has driven them to take bold and unprecedented action.  Their objective: to eliminate the worst, most toxic people in society.

The Aenamaia act as self-appointed judges, jurors and executioners – doing what the law can’t or won’t and what society refuses to demand.  The men and women responsible for carrying out the liquidations, known within The Aenamaia as Augurs, set about eliminating their targets as quickly and quietly as possible.  No torture. No retribution.  No ransom or demands.  Just take out the garbage and don’t get caught – or killed.

Unbeknownst to The Aenamaia, another group is also on the hunt.  But this group’s mission is far more nefarious, vicious and bloody.  Their objective is to extract information by any means necessary, then brutally – and sometimes theatrically – eliminate the source.  But why?  What do the victims all have in common?

Enter Department of Homeland Security Agent Roger Tarte.  Years of paper shuffling and government bureaucracy have left him bored, anxious and hungry for a meaningful and worthwhile challenge.  When a chance encounter with the head of the FBI’s Counter Terrorism Division lands him on the trail of the killers, Tarte leaps at the opportunity – never considering where he might land.  Before he knows it, Agent Tarte is negotiating for two high-profile hostages, handling dangerous explosives, tracking a rogue military cargo plane headed for the Middle East – all the while trying to capture The Aenamaia.  With each step he takes, Tarte becomes more and more unsure of what is going on and who he can trust.  One thing is certain, though, it will take all of Tarte’s skills and wit just to keep up…and stay alive.

Aenamus is an edgy, provocative story about good people crossing a line that has never been crossed.  Enigmatic and intriguing characters engage and challenge readers, while daring them to redefine what is right and wrong – and where they stand.

Cleverly laced with action, philosophy, wit and sarcasm, Aenamus takes the reader on a stimulating emotional ride through a volatile moral landscape – all the while questioning the very essence of our humanity.

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