Aenamus is Action

What happens when traditional systems of justice become inept and ineffective against those who do the most damage to society?   When public outcry is ignored and the guilty remain free to inflict more and more damage?  When the corrupt cancers of society metastasize and threaten to undermine the foundation of democracy?  What happens when ordinary citizens accept the sword of justice and seek to remove the worst, most toxic malignancies?  What happens is Aenamus.


"A gripping story of bloody vengeance that is at times almost unbearably tense, Aenamus asks the fundamental question: how far would any one of us go to rid the world of evil?  This is not just your ordinary action-packed adventure – it is an incredibly intelligent and timely novel that takes on the decay and corruption of the power elite.  It’s a compelling, thought-provoking thriller told at a breathtaking pace."                                                                        ~ Nancy Hitchins, Denver

So Where Do I Get It?

"Aenamus: Silent Blood" is now available for purchase on Amazon (click here)!!

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